Our Mission: The mission of the Hellenic Preservation Society is to present a unified voice of the Hellenes in Northeastern Ohio that will promote the Greek experience through programs, presentation and cultural collections.

Our Board

2022 Board of Trustees

Emeritus Past President

  • Helen Collis


  • Linda Glynias, President
  • Effie Sikoutris, Vice President
  • Bea Meros, Secretary
  • Gary Thomas, Treasurer
  • Lou Frangos
  • Chris Partis
  • Jean Porter
  • Athanasios Sarantopoulos
  • Mary Costas
  • Maribeth Lekas

Greek Cultural Garden Supervisor

  • Ralph D’Alessio

Ex Officio

  • Laura Cashy
  • Maria Cashy
  • Ellie Skoutas
  • Renee Steffas