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No. 3 Molle Greek Key Typewriter
20th Century
Metal painted black
Patented by John Molle, Austrian
HPS 1997.32

Description: This Greek keys typewriter is metal painted black. The space bar is wood and is also painted black. This typewriter was used by Chris Kennes, contributing reporter for the Greek language newspaper, "Kuriua" printed in New York City. The Molle typewriter was first patented by an Austrian jeweler, John Molle, on February 27, 1906. This particular typewriter, the No. 3 Molle, was patented on December 16, 1913. By 1919, Molle typewriters had sold public stock at $5.00 per share and seemed to be headed for success. But by 1921, Mr. Molle died at age 45, and his company soon went bankrupt.

It is believed that during this time frame only about 11,000 Molle typewriters were produced, and only 50 are known to still exist in different collections. This No. 3 Molle typewriter, with Greek letters, was believed to be used during the immigration process of Greeks into the U.S. It is stated that 1903 was the first year that Greek immigration to the U.S. reached 10,000. By 1907 this number was at 46,283 and 1910 this figure was at 185,000.