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Bible with Brass Cover
14" high x 10-5/8" wide
Printed in Athens, Greece
HPS 1998.49

Description: Bible printed in 1899 in Athens. Brass cover with two saints and an angel in the center and four saints in each corner. Grape leaves, vines, and grapes cover the background. The top of cover says "IEROS NAOS EVANGELISMOU- CLEVELAND-OHIO" and on the bottom it says, "EIS MNYMYN ANASTASIOU FOURMA 1964". The book is used by the Annunciation church. Two clasps on the sides keep it shut. On the back of the cover is Jesus being crucified with two saints/disciples on either side of Him. Beneath Him there is a skull and crossbones. Also three churches in the background. Four saints in each corner holding paper/scroll. Grape leaves, grapes, and vines decorate the background. The front is much more oxidized than back. Many of the pages have come out of the binding. Printed in black and red ink. Some pages have illustrations.