About HPS

HPS was established November 11, 1991 and is a 501C non profit organization.

HPS' goals: are to enhance the knowledge of our rich history by presenting programs and lectures that provide a link to the past and illustrate the contributions of Hellenism in Western Civilization.

Through our collection and archival materials current and future generations are exposed to the objects that reflect the culture and history of the Greek immigrants of Northeastern Ohio and their ancestors.

Our mission: The mission of the Hellenic Preservation Society is to present a unified voice of the Hellenes in Northeastern Ohio that will promote the Greek experience through programs, presentation and cultural collections.

Board of Trustees:
  • Maria Cashy, President 
  • Ellie Skoutas, Vice President
  • Bea Meros, Secretary 
  • Maribeth Lekas, Treasurer
  • Laura Cashy
  • Helen Collis
  • Mary Costas 
  • Lou Frangos
  • Linda Glynias
  • Jean Porter
  • Athanasios Sarantopoulos
  • Renee Steffas
  • Gary Thomas

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